Corporate Portifolio

Our service profile is strongly rooted in human capital as one of the most key assets who contribute negatively and positively to an organisation. As members of the association of certified fraud examiners our staff stays up to date with the latest trends in fraud, deception and fraud prevention techniques. Our main emphasis with our corporate clientele is comprehensively knowing their key stakeholders and their operational model in order to prevent loss because ultimately; corruption, fraud and misappropriation are all crimes committed by humans who find ways to commit the crime and believe they will not be caught. Understanding by whom, how and why those crimes are being committed within that organization is the key to comprehensively managing the risks. Is it the availability of a loophole in the system or is it the lack of a moral compass in the people? We believe it takes two to tango and we provide innovative solutions post problem identification that tailored to suit the needs of your organization.