About us

A solutions firm providing services in three main service categories; behavioral profiling, risk assessment and training solutions. We offer innovative solutions to managing human capital risks that help organizations optimize business performance through loss prevention, consistent service levels from stakeholders. ECS has a strong active team with extensive knowledgefrom diverse industry backgrounds including criminologists, investigators, prosecutors, forensic psychologists, human resource specialist etc. To provide our clients with the best solutions, we work with a range of consultants locally and internationally to provide solutions customized to the clients problem. Our team of behavioral experts can help you evaluate the potential sources and severity of human capital risk specific to your organization in order to develop targeted responses.

The Risk in Human Capital

Risk management as a field has been identified as missing a crucial link, the human link. The focus on the myriad of business risks has clouded the real essence of risk, and that is the human side of risk. We believe that all risk inside organisations originate from people. But why exactly is the human element so important? The answer is simple; at the heart of every risk in an organisation is a human being. People are not only responsible for managing risk; they are also causing risks. You may have the most brilliant product or service, process, policy or system, it is the people who operate these products, services, processes, policies and systems that will determine how effective you are in achieving your business objectives.